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This "warehouse" type structure boasts custom designed structural
grade aluminium beem that eliminates the need for lacings. This means
that the entire installation could be done without leaving the floor. This
structure can be used for corporate event, walkways, mobile
warehouses, indoor sporting events or any other applications reqising
a free span area. The Aluhall can be used for both temporary and
permanent installations.
. Lightweight aluminium structure and simplistic design ensure easy
. Comprehensive list of customizations and accessories from air
conditioning to flooring to solid walls and doors made from glass.
• Those glasses add to the appearance and versatility of the Aluhall.
• The side walls slide in the aluminium beam to create entrances.
The flame retardant fabric adds to the safety of goods inside the
. Extendable legs take care of any undulation in the ground

Alluhal Tents

Color: white