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Wanderjoy Party World are your all-in-one events management company, providing full event management and planning, including creation & development of thematic concepts, decoration, hire of tents, tables & chairs, catering, mobile toilets for hire, grounds for hire, tent manufacture, and décor for any size of event.

With our extensive work and experience that has deemed us the best events management company in East and Central Africa. Our elegant yet practical, free standing marquees and high peak tents are attractive and create the right atmosphere whether it is a small family party, wedding or corporate event.




Giving Back


We provide a first class professional service and offer client peace of Mind

Our tents are unique, stylish and very, very elegant

Extensive Knowledge and Experience in complete event management

Tent Manufacturing Capabilities

Accessories with a wide array of choices for your event .



Strathmore Business School

7 October 2011

Words cannot express our gratitude for your support. Indeed, how beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it.

Commissioner Philemon Mwaisaka

Oct 17, 2011

Kindly receive our cordial greetings and prayers for the best of God’s blessings to remain upon you forever. May his favour, grace, mercy and love be your portion always. I am writing this letter to convey our deep-felt thanks and appreciation for the significant and critical role you played in making the wedding of our son successful wedding. As mortals, we dont have the capacity and even ability to thank you enough for your compassion.


JAN 15, 2021

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